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Wall  of Bricks

About Me

My name is Daniel Walton and I am the man behind the curtain of this little website. If you have questions or feedback please send me an email at You can follow me on twitter at @dwalton76

In addition to this site I also have a blog where I post about my lego robot projects. The blog is


There is a fairly active discussion about the site on the brickset forums:


This site started with a botched trip to the LEGO store in Orlando, FL. I found some information online in regards to what bricks were available on the Orlando wall so I printed out a shopping list and off I went. I got to the store and my shopping list was useless because the info I found online about what was on the wall was months out of date :( I felt like the information that I found may have been out of date because it was difficult for users to update the data.

I went back to my hotel (I was in Orlando for work) and coded a very basic version of this website. A few days later I went back to the Orlando store and inventoried all 36 columns in about 90 minutes. Several people in the store asked me what app I was using (I was using my iPhone) and asked lots of questions. When I got home from work I launched the site and announced it on a few forums.