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Wall  of Bricks

Dark Green Hinge Plate 1X2 Upper/Lower

Pick-A-Brick Availability

Current Availability

StoreDate Added
Lille, France2017-11-11
Cardiff, Wales, UK2017-11-07
Vienna Donauzentrum, Austria2016-11-20
Toronto, ON2016-11-04
Leipzig, Germany2016-08-08
Copenhagen (København), Denmark2016-05-04
Glendale, CA2015-10-20
Saarbrücken, Germany2015-09-16
Newark, DE2015-07-30
Houston, TX2015-07-20
Paramus, NJ2015-07-16
Dallas, TX2015-07-07

Past Availability

StoreDate AddedDate Removed
Fairview Mall Toronto, ON2016-10-222016-10-22
Vancouver, BC2016-08-172016-11-19
Glasgow, UK2016-08-082017-02-12
Bluewater, Kent, UK2016-08-012016-10-12
London Westfield, UK2016-07-112016-10-12
London Stratford, UK2016-07-082016-10-12
Seattle, WA2016-06-032016-06-03
Vancouver, BC2016-05-282016-08-12
New York City, NY2016-05-122016-10-21
Stockholm, Sweden2016-05-062016-05-16
Antwerp, Belgium2015-12-302016-09-26
Victor, NY2015-09-122016-05-11
Lawrenceville, GA2015-08-222016-11-12
Nashville, TN2015-07-292015-11-20
Surrey, BC2015-07-152016-01-17
Birmingham, AL2015-07-122017-04-29
Tigard, OR2015-07-042015-08-09
Bellevue, WA2015-07-032016-03-20
Glasgow, UK2015-05-022016-08-08
London Stratford, UK2015-04-182015-07-02
Hamburg, Germany2015-04-122015-05-02
Nuremberg (Nürnberg), Germany2015-04-012015-07-04

Online Availability

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$0.0716newWisebricks, US
$0.084newBricks by Brick, US
$0.09185newEverything But the Kragle, US
$0.0952newHowies Stuff, US
$0.0910newBricks by Fans, US
$0.102newFooBricks, US
$0.118newGinial Collectibles, US
$0.119newpandabrick, FR
$0.1132newBrick Squad, US
$0.1210newFITBRICKS, GB
$0.132newBadger's Bricks, GB
$0.148newVenice Bricks, US
$0.1491newLuxbrick, LU
$0.14112newBricks Anywhere, US
$0.142newBrickman4you, US
$0.1525newAnother Brick In The Wall, GB
$0.154newBricks Space, IT
$0.162newBrick Barn, US
$0.166newBricks-2-Plates, US
$0.181newMost Plated, GB
$0.25100newbudgetbricks-lossestenen, NL
$0.061usedScooter's Bricks, US
$0.118usedHideaway Designz, US
$0.112usedBrickhunter85, DE
$0.154usedVenice Bricks, US
$0.1533usedBrickcomplete, AT
$0.152usedAll About the Minifigs, US
$0.152usedBadger's Bricks, GB
$0.172usedOnce.more.into.the.brick, GB
$0.972usedBrick-A-Lot, GB

Sets With This Brick

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