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How To Add Luxury To Your Home In 2022

Spending money on your home improves your quality of life. Whether it is as simple as a new mattress, bringing extra comfort to your sleep, or as extravagant as installing a personal wine cellar, these decadent spends help to make a property feel more like a home, one that brings joy to living.

There are a number of luxurious purchases that are becoming more popular in 2022 and these sought after assets are appearing in more homes than ever. Some are geared toward making life easier by embracing the futuristic design of smart home culture whereas others are indulgent purchases that improve a property’s aesthetic. No matter your motivation, however, such purchases can often be justified entirely by the value that they instill into a property.

Kitchen Pantry

Pantries have often been seen as a relic of historical, generally rural, homes. However, in recent years they have returned to fashion. Now, more kitchens are consolidating their kitchenware and food items into freestanding, aesthetically pleasing pantries. 

Having such a pantry in a kitchen allows for the consolidation of items, freeing up space elsewhere in the kitchen. This means that a kitchen’s style can be dedicated more toward pleasing designs without the burden of accommodating jars and plates.

Log Cabins

Swapping dilapidated sheds for a personal and decadent outbuilding is the reason why more residents are trying to find log cabins for sale. These garden structures are being transformed in a number of ways, from private office spaces to personal gyms, or simply being used as a cosy space within which to relax within.

Smart Cameras

The feeling of security can be equated to comfort, which is why more homeowners are searching to protect their properties. One of the most valuable assets are smart cameras. These devices are connected to a smartphone and can notify a homeowner the moment movement is detected. They can also be very useful for monitoring children and pets too!

Wireless Design

With the abundance of gadgets that now occupy a home, wires have become increasingly problematic, causing even the most accomplished interior designers to experience problems when trying to conceal them. 

One of the best and most luxurious ways to disguise a significant number of wires within a home is to install wireless charging points. These can be concealed beneath surfaces or incorporated into interior designs, enabling smartphones and other devices to be charged discreetly.

Solar Panels

Sustainable home design is now an inevitable future and the strides that a homeowner makes toward being eco-friendly within their home will not only benefit their sense of wellbeing, knowing that their carbon footprint is reduced, but it will also reduce their property’s utility bills. Having solar panels has become a valued asset and, with the introduction of in-home batteries, an undeniably great return on investment too.

Secret Rooms

Having a concealed nook within your home, one that is integrated into your home’s design, is a charming and lavish feature. It allows residents to escape into their own secret room, whether to read peacefully or to host friends. A property’s structural design will limit options for a secret room to be created but there are a number of designs that are already being shared for smaller, versatile options too.

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