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How To Find Happiness In Your Own Garden

When thinking about our well-being, we often turn to our atlases, being inclined to take ourselves abroad to seek out environments and locations of beauty and relaxation. However, we need not travel so far to improve our physical and mental health. In fact, our gardens, when designed correctly, can be sources of immense happiness.

To find happiness in the back of our own home, we don’t need to begin gardening per se, although this can be a great pleasure for many. This is because wellness doesn’t necessarily come from the activity but the environment. To demonstrate, we’ve put together a list of creative ways to find happiness in your own garden, that don’t necessitate having a green thumb.

Immersive Wilderness

Nature is one of the most beneficial assets for our health. Whether it is the sun on our skin or plants offering their aroma, the wild lifts our spirits. Our gardens are the ideal place for this and even small spaces can be made truly luscious with natural growth.

Don’t simply plant flowerbeds, invest in tall plants, climbers and trees. Those that will cover your garden space in colour and scents. Creating your own cove of flora will give you an exotic spot that can be a true escape during stressful periods.


Speaking of escapes, some homeowners find themselves wanting a more literal escape, which can be manifested in outbuildings, both log cabins and summer houses. These spaces are often utilised practically, as offices or guest rooms, but can just as easily become meditation studios or reading rooms. So, before you think of your garden space as essentially outdoors, be sure to consider the potential utility of an outbuilding, one that might even replace your garden shed.

Foraged Foods

A huge source of our wellness is taken from our foods. While gardens can be transformed into growing spaces, allowing us to fuel our kitchen with fresh ingredients, we don’t need to dedicate our time or transform our land in such a way. In fact, wild foods offer just as much value.

Growing plants such as Himalayan honeysuckle, mallow, alexanders, and even nettles, can allow us to incorporate foraged foods safely into our diets. These low maintenance plants offer an abundance of ingredients that can be easily incorporated into diets and with great nutritional value too.

Sensory Realm

Keeping our senses in check is an important aspect of wellness. Our daily lives can be overwhelmed with light and noise, even within the home where our devices are often rife. Creating a garden space that caters to switching off, with pleasant sounds of water, scents of flowers or candles, cosy seating, and beautiful vistas can give our bodies the essential relief it needs after a long day.

Certain features too, such as hammocks and ponds, can be indispensable for those who want to create a dedicated space for relaxation. So, if you’re ready to redesign your home, be sure to think about your garden’s design from the very foundations.

Penelope Penny
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