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How to Save Money When Furnishing Your Home

Shopping for furniture is so exciting and invigorating, however, it’s also undeniably expensive. No matter where you’re shopping, you’ll find that those numbers start to add up pretty quickly – even if you’re only hunting for one or two pieces to integrate into your home. Although you do need to be understanding of the fact that your furniture shopping process is never going to be cheap, there definitely are a few tips and tricks that you can apply to your search to ensure that it’s as savvy and budget friendly as possible. Here is precisely how to save yourself a little money when you’re furnishing your home…

Get Your Budget Together

First things first, you’ll have to work on structuring that budget. All wise financial decisions or movements in general start with a thorough understanding of the budget that you have to work with. By establishing how much money you’re willing to spare, and where, nice and early, you’ll be able to decipher where you can shop, how much you can buy at a time and what kind of materials you’re able to afford. If you’re looking at a smaller figure than you’d like, take your time and only invest in your centrepieces, otherwise known as your essential items. This includes non-negotiables such as beds, dining tables and sofa sets. By investing essential by essential, you’ll be able to fill your home with items that you love and get a great amount of use out of on a budget.

Shop At The Right Time of Year

The yearly sale cycle has pretty much been regulated to the point that you can be absolutely certain of when pieces are going to go on sale, so why not take advantage of that very powerful knowledge and save yourself some money. This is going to sound familiar, but taking your time really is the best way of decorating beautifully without splashing all of your hard earned (and saved) cash at one time. Put together a shortlist of furniture that you’d love to have in your home and patiently wait until mid year, end of financial year and end of year sales to save as much money as possible. Can’t live without a few pieces in your home? You can always rent furniture to tide you over.

Invest in The Classics

Future proof investments are always those that are well made, high quality and aesthetically classic. Timeless pieces wear with grace and won’t be the source of some serious spender’s regret once they go out of fashion in a season or two. Look at stunning natural materials liketimber, pine, glass and upholstery to find items that will wear perfectly and integrate with all of your future accessories and taste updates. Timeless neutral tones and subtle prints are always best when you’re spending big money, you can always update them with pops of cheerful colour and other stylish add ons down the line – these tend to cost far less than the big ticket items and are easily interchangeable.

Look For Multi-Functional Items

Keep your eyes peeled for pieces that are going to offer up more than one function. Multi-functional furniture can mean that you’re getting the functionality of two pieces for the price of one, talk about money saving! Think blanket boxes used as coffee tables, bar stools used as side tables and bookcases used as display cabinets. This is also going to save you floor space, which is ideal for the ever striking dimensions of the contemporary family home!

Follow these tips to save money whilst you enhance your space.

Penelope Penny
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