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Ideas To Decorate Your Coffee Table

The coffee table in your living room brings the final touch to your decoration. Well highlighted, it contributes to the atmosphere that reigns in your room. Exposed to the eyes of your guests, it reveals your interests and lets your taste show through. How to make this simple element the centerpiece of your decor

A Piece Of Furniture That Sets The Tone

The designer coffee table with a modern bar stools (เก้าอี้ บาร์ โม เดิ ร์ น which is the term in Thai) occupies an important place in your living room. Right in front of your sofa, it is there for all your aperitifs. Decorated with care, it invites your guests to relax and daydream. Its simple decoration can set the tone for your evenings. Give it a vase, and it will blend into your living room. Overhang it with sculpture, and it will attract all eyes. Put a plant on it, and your whole room will come to life. It’s up to you to mix colors and shapes to follow the atmosphere you want to create.

A Coffee Table, An Air Of Lightness

A basket or a saucer of fresh fruit, a floral arrangement, a plant, or a tray will make your living room furniture a chic element that will sublimate any minimalist decoration. While fresh flowers remain a classic, small cacti will add a much-appreciated touch of originality.

Elegance Above All

Bring a note of elegance with an imposing sculpture or art books. Your guests will be attracted by the beauty of the work, or immerse themselves in the images of the laminated pages. Enough to contribute to their culture and keep them occupied while you are cooking. By playing with colors, you can also play on seasonal

An Incentive To Discover

Nothing like sharing the adventures of your last trip during a meeting with friends. Illustrate your trip by depositing a souvenir brought back from Asia, Africa, or elsewhere in the heart of your living room. Also, accompany them with some travel magazines. Your friends will be delighted to share with you your fondest memories.

The Almost Perfect Imperfection

Some living room decorations lend themselves perfectly to a designer table decorated asymmetrically. Do not hesitate to mix objects of various materials and dimensions or to center them to offer your living room that little note of imperfection that will make all the charm.

A Touch Of Eccentricity

If classic decors put you off, use your table to show off your personality. A glass sphere or an aquarium will not leave anyone indifferent. Whatever your passion, enjoy sharing it with your guests.

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