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What are the Types of Demolitions Services to Get?

Seeing a completed demolition project is something very satisfactory. What once blocked your path is now completely removed from your path. With the right equipment, years of experience and advanced construction techniques, large and complex projects can be handled. No matter how demanding or dangerous your work is, Newcastle demolitions services agencies are ready to handle it.

The best agencies deal with great projects with confidence, because their teams know which walls carry the load, which equipment is best for a project, where there are materials that contain asbestos and so on. Careful planning ensures that all work is done safely and efficiently. An expert Newcastle demolitions contractor can use different types of methods for demolition projects. These include:

Interior demolition

Interior demolition is the removal of internal parts of a structure while maintaining the exterior, usually in preparation for a repair project. This usually involves removing walls, ceilings, pipes, etc.

Selected demolition

The selective demolition project involves the removal of specific internal or external parts of the building while protecting the remaining structures and buildings and neighborhood areas.

Total Demolition

Total demolition is a clear project. This is the destruction of the whole structure and can be made possible through various techniques. When it comes to razing an entire structure to the ground, this is the Newcastle demolitionsservice that is needed, and demanded.


This method involves careful disassembly or deconstruction of the structure to preserve the components for reuse, recycling or repair. Demolition is often more labor intensive than demolition.


This is a very special type of demolition that uses explosives to cut tall structures by damaging all the supports for the structure, so as to make them collapse within their own track or according to a predetermined track. Less than 1% of demolition projects make use of this kind of technique.

Mechanical demolition

It makes use of special mechanical equipment and tools. These include hydraulic excavators with special attachments that break down concrete and steel and effectively scratch the structure. Small equipment, such as skid steer loaders and demolition robots, are used for small tasks and interior demolition and selective demolition.

Crane and Wrecking Ball

This is among the most primitive of all the Newcastle demolitions techniques and excavators and other mechanical means have now replaced the wreck ball, which has become obsolete. With these instruments, it is possible to get much better accuracy, efficiency and safety.

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