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Why Should You Opt for Aluminum Access Products Like Stairs and Ramps?

People often put the thought of access structures of a building at the bottom of the list. They tend to vie for the best look within budget. Even if you invest considerably in the access options, you do not get the return you desire in the long run. You have to choose wisely and go only for reputed manufacturers.

The US-based company, EZ-ACCESS has an amazingly affordable and durable stair system, ramps, and other residential, commercial, industrial accessibility products. Among other products, they provide OSHA stairs with various features and a three-year warranty. You can adjust or move this stair system with ease.

Easy to Build and Versatility

You would find that there are various material options for ramps, stairs, or walkways like wood, steel, concrete, and aluminum. Every material has its specific features. Among these options, aluminum fares best in terms of flexibility in construction. Though it’s a light material, it is a tough material that can bear harsh climate and emergencies like fire. They are easy to transport and reinstall if you don’t like the existing arrangement. Other materials require considerable time for installation.


Other than aluminum, all materials need frequent maintenance to avoid rusting, rotting or keeping them in good shape. Aluminum does not need protection from outside elements due to its oxide layer.


You can see that in the long run, you have to spend more on wood, concrete, or steel stairs and ramp. Repair and remodeling costs are expensive for these materials. Aluminum is more cost-effective.


You can recycle aluminum and produce raw materials for further manufacturing. It can earn LEED credits due to this sustainable material. It only takes up to 5% of the energy of virgin aluminum production.

Although you would be using aluminum for a long time, you can reuse it and take up refreshing styles.

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