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Comparison of ergonomic versus modular office furniture:

As we have already discussed ergonomic furniture. It is a type of furniture that mainly focus on the comfortability of user and plays an important role in reducing employees’ health injuries. As employees physical and mental health is a core concern of any organization. Few of the common benefits of ergonomic furniture are:

Advantages of ergonomic office furniture:

 Reduces the risk of work-related injuries. Ergonomic furniture includes supportive keyboards, standing desks and chairs which helps employees to reduce the risk of work-related injuries. As job satisfaction is directly proportional to productivity. If an employee would be healthy and satisfied it would definitely affect the overall productivity of a company. If they will be in less pain they would be more likely to experience an increase in productivity. As health issues are the main distraction comes between creating high-quality work. It’s not just important that the employee should be physically fit but also the mental health plays an important role. If a company invests in their employee’s wellness by providing them comfort through ergonomic office furniture, it will make them realize that they are valuable and the company cares about them.

Advantage of modular office furniture:

Many people know about ergonomic furniture but they might not be familiar with the term modular office furniture. When it comes to purchasing office furniture module office furniture can turn to be a mystery. In simple words, we can say modular furniture is tailor furniture that can be adjusted according to the needs of the office. For example, if now you are an owner of small organization you need few furniture like Loft wall shelves [ชั้น วาง ของ loft, which is the term in Thai] but in future you want to add more here, modular furniture will help you in future to add same group and style you originally used without compromising the overall style of your office.

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