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Reasons Why Patio Builders in Adelaide Should Have Insurance

The work that patio builders in Adelaide do is dangerous. They have to deal with the elements, and they are directly exposed to them. The risk of injury or even death is high for this type of work.

Having a comprehensive insurance policy for your business is essential for taking care of any risks or liabilities that may arise from the work you do. This includes workers’ compensation and general liability insurance.

Patio builders in Adelaide should have insurance as they are responsible not only for the quality of their work but also for the safety of their customers. However, if you don’t have insurance, you will be held accountable in case of an accident. Here are some reasons why patio builders should have insurance:

Protection against dangerous equipment and tools

When working on a property, it is also possible that workers will use dangerous equipment or tools like nail guns or circular saws. These tools can cause injuries if not used properly or treated with care or caution when using them. When working with such machines and devices, it is important to ensure they are safe to use and free from defects beforehand. This way, no one gets hurt during the construction process.

Personal liability

If someone gets injured on your property, whether you were negligent or not, you could be held liable for the damages. If this happens, you will need to pay for any medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses associated with the injury. You may also be required to pay for pain and suffering if a customer has suffered an injury due to your negligence.

Property damage liability

Property damage liability covers any damage caused by vandalism or theft. You can also be liable for injuries caused by someone falling off your property or hitting their head on a rock wall after losing their balance due to windy conditions or uneven ground conditions due to poor paving or construction practices.

General liability coverage

General liability coverage provides financial protection against claims related to bodily injury, property damage and legal defense expenses in case they arise during a claim settlement process with a third party claimant.

Fire and theft protection

If you own a building or a property, then you will need to ensure that it has adequate fire and theft protection. This is because these are two of the most common causes of loss for business owners.

Claims made against you

You may have customers who require repairs on their property due to poor workmanship or poor maintenance on your part. If you don’t have insurance, then they may make claims against you which could result in financial losses for your business.

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