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Types Of Custom Curtains

Do you have doubts about what types of custom curtains your instance requires? Do you need information and advice? Attentive, we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can choose your ideal custom curtain.

First of all, we must know that the curtains are mobile pieces of fabric that cover the windows or large windows before the curtain installation (ติด ผ้า ม่าน คอน โด which is the term in Thai). They are also ideal to totally or partially prevent the passage of light and visibility from the outside. Hitting the spot on selecting the shade you need is not always easy. There are numerous factors that we must take into account: lighting, decoration, comfort, cleanliness, hygiene are some aspects to consider when choosing your ideal curtain.

There are curtains already made, but perhaps your solution is to create your curtains to measure. That is why we are going to analyze the types of curtain as they exist in the market, their characteristics, properties, and functionalities to help you in your choice.

Types Of Custom Curtains: Traditional Curtain

This is the most common curtain model, that of a lifetime. Its elegance and functionality allow it to adapt to large spaces as well as small dimensions. We can find 5 types of clothing in the traditional curtain: smooth, gathered, planks, scents, and the perfect wave.

Decorative elements such as fringes, trims, and trimmings can be added to these cuts, giving it a classic touch.

They tend to have a thicker and heavier fabric to achieve a much more beautiful fall, being a key decorative element in open spaces. One can be placed per window, or we can even place 2, one at each end to open them, and they are collected, giving it an elegant touch. Its use is especially indicated to look for classic or rustic results.

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