Get the basics of home security right

Have you ever given it a thought what is your first line of security at home? That is to say what security equipment is so basic at home that they actually might make a difference to your family and friends’ safety in case they are home and some intruder tries to get in. Well if you actually thought about it you will comes with the option of door locks. Door latch ( กลอนประตู , which is the term in Thai) is the most basic thing that provides the basic security to your house. But it is no secret that normal or better to say conventional door locks can easily be picked by even a teenager. So what you can do now is that you can introduce a new type of door latches to your home.

How do new age smart door locks work?

Now to understand what these different types of door latches are first you need to understand that with the advancements in technology door locks have also evolved. Like for example many leading door lock manufacturer has launched new digital door locks for better customer convenience. Digital door lock (ดิจิตัล door lock, which is the term in Thai)  from the house of unicor has all the modern Marvels of science incorporated in it. Like their new digital locks can be opened via thumb impression and passwords. Not only that you can connect your mobile phone to the lock. By this facility you will get notification in case door remains open for a long period of time or if someone enters wrong passwords as well. Not only that in case the temperature around the lock teaches a certain level the lock will also send notification to your mobile at once. Thus with the new digital door locks you cen be sure to give extra security to your home first.

Buy smart door locks from unicor online

Unicor has recently launched their new range of digital door lock systems in Thailand. Their new range includes high end digital door locks along with durable door latches. All these are available at a much cheaper rate than the current international market standards. So if you are interested in buying a good quality digital door lock in Thailand do visit the official website of unicor at once.

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