Seminar tables is key to successful events

Communication is the key to the successful event whether it’s seminars, conferences, presentations, etc. Seating arrangement plays an important role in achieving good communication between the presenter and the audience. If your audience is not comfortable they may not absorb the complete message that is conveyed to them. To have maximum impact on the audience it is necessary that you have good Seminar table [โต๊ะ สัมมนา, which is the term in Thai] and chair. Seminar tables are available in various shapes and sizes that meet the need of the customers. Seminar tables are also available with folding legs which allows you to remove them easily when not in use.

Different seating arrangements for seminars

  • Theatre: This is one of the most optimistic styles of seating arrangement for seminars. All the seats in theatre seating arrangement are facing the front of the seminar hall. This type of seating arrangement offers maximum seating capacity.
  • Classroom: This style is used for school and college seminars. All the chairs are aligned in rows. Similar to the theatre seating arrangement, classroom seating arrangement is also facing the front of the room.
  • Herringbone: This style is similar to the classroom seating arrangement. However, the seats are slightly angled inside towards podium. Here also all the seats are facing towards the front of the hall.

Benefits of using seminar tables

  • Cost effective: Seminar tables are used in offices, schools, colleges, etc. Seminar halls have their own importance. Seminar tables are different from regular tables. They are cost-effective and are available at affordable rates.
  • Material: Seminar tables are available in a variety of material. This gives you the advantage of selecting the material that suits your seminar hall.
  • Durable: Seminar tables made with good quality materials offer durability. Hence, they can be used for a long period of time.
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